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The Horses Mouth

Message from the President 2020

Dear Members,

This has certainly been a challenging year thus far! Along with our new board and increasing membership, we will continue to offer new options to enhance the benefit of joining Plantation Acres Homeowners Association, (PAHA) for all the folks of our Community.  We are always looking for people who wish to keep our Community as a top choice for places to live in Broward to join our Board of Directors.  If you may be interested please contact someone on the Board for more information. You can reach all members of the Board by sending and email to: [email protected]or a specific member at the below email addresses.

From time to time, PAHA establishes Standing Committees to enable us to reach our goals and objectives with the assistance of our members on various tasks. When this occurs WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help make the goals of each committee easier to accomplish. If you would be willing to help on a Committee please let me or any Board Member know. Your new Board of Directors is listed below for the next two year period.  We look forward to your attendance and participation in the Plantation Acres Homeowner's Association!


The PAHA board officers are:

President: Doc (Ed) Szerlip             [email protected]      

Vice President:  Mark Cameron       [email protected]

Secretary: Renee Feller                  [email protected]

Treasurer: Jesse Varnell                  [email protected]

Board Member: Donna McCormack  [email protected]

Board Member: Seth Follansbee       [email protected]

Board Member: Jennifer Fain           [email protected]

Board Member: Pat Peck                 [email protected]

Board Member: Sheila Rockley         [email protected]

Board Member: Ted Crespi              [email protected]

Board Member: Adam Fractenberg    [email protected]

Board Member: Richard Gendler       [email protected]

Board Member: Michael Roth            [email protected]

Board Member: Garry Kravit             [email protected]


"Doc" Szerlip

([email protected])