Plantation Acres Homeowners Association

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The Horses Mouth

Message from the President 2017

Dear Members,

We are looking for volunteers to help us with our meetings, this Web Site and our membership drive.


The PAHA board officers are:

President: Gene Marchese                

Vice President: Doc (Ed) Szerlip    

Secretary: Debra Forman

Treasurer: Jesse Varnell

Board Member: Mark Cameron

Board Member: Seth Follansbee

Board Member:Kathy Hyatt

Board Member: June Quinn


PAHA has establishing the following Standing Committees to enable us to reach our goals and objectives with the assistance of our members on specific tasks as

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help make the goals of each committee easier to accomplish.

Committees that need your input and experience are as follows:



Gene Marchese

([email protected])

President Oct 2013-Oct 2017